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Old School Business Guide for Office Removals Sunshine Coast

Posted by on Feb 10, 2017

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office removals sunshine coast

Moving is often viewed as frightening and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be as easy as 1,2,3. Below are 5 easy tips to help you during this time.


Before moving and writing your inventory list, make sure to thoroughly go through all your belongings. Go through old cabinets that hold records and see how many of them are actually needed. Also, consider possibly digitizing them, this will save you space since you wouldn’t need to hold onto so many physical files, and will make it even easier to find these files on your computer. Also, get rid of furniture you don’t need. Such as old printers and broken chairs that may be kept in your office storage rooms. Old coffee pots that haven’t been used since you installed your new Keurig machine. Organizing everything will save you time and space during your move.


Once you have finished organizing everything, and have everything exactly planned out for your move you can start calling office removals sunshine coast. Having times and dates and locations as well as an inventory list will help companies come up with quotes for you on how much their removal service will cost. This will help you figure out what you can and can’t afford. If the quote might be too much, try packing the items up yourself. Move removal services will charge you less if some of the items are already packaged.

Check out your location

Make sure to visit your new office with measuring tape and pads of paper. Keep in mind the measurements of desks you have. Keep track of where the closest elevator is, or where the parking lot is. This will allow you to figure out where to put all the furniture and create a layout of the office space. As well as allowing the Removalists know where they can park their trucks, how far they will have to carry items and if they have to take nay furniture apart to fit through the doorway. Also, checking out this location will help you prepare your workers for the new environment that they will be in.


Make sure to update your location. Call clients and tell them you are moving, update your website and social media with your new address, make sure google has the right information. Updating these will help make sure that you will not lose any business from your clients. Also make sure to have signs on doors that have the new address available, as well as having clear directions to the new address. Feel free to also add new pictures of your new location and even consider hosting a ceremony such as an open house, or grand opening. This will make sure that everyone is aware of your new location.

Review and Feedback

Finally, review your process. When you have finally moved in, feel free to reflect on the move. What went well and what didn’t? Keep this in mind if you ever need to move again. Also provide feedback for which companies you used.

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Getting Your Grandbury Business Found With A 1300 Number

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016

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There are so many companies in the market, and you will have to establish yours in the market with the same glory. How to do that, especially when you are entering so late to the market? There is always a way out from any situation, and here too, there is a solution. In fact, the numbers of solutions are not confined to one, but one of them is to buy a cheap 1300 number This is just going to give light to your business and that too in a royal way. 
1300 A Magic Number For Your Business
The 1300 number is really a magic number for your business. It is going to do some of the rare magics for you. What for the number is? First, make that clear in your mind. This is a number of 10 digits, and it acts as a mask of your mobile or landline number. The number is based on inbound calls. So one can call to that number starting with 1300, but if a call is made from that number to any other numbers, the original number will be displayed and not the 1300 number. This is the magic that is hidden in this number. However, the magic of the number is not in the number, but in the presence of your business. You and your business are going to get the best support from the number in a different way. 
Let Others Identify Your Company 
The first way how your business is going to be supported is in the form of identification. You must have noticed that the companies who are having 1800 toll-free numbers and those having local charging 1300 numbers are better known among the customers and also in the business world than others. This is where the magic is done by the 1300 number. Take the advantage of the same and then use the number for your business. 
Increase Business Value 
Once you use the 1300 number for your business, you are going to get the best help from there. This is not only from the aspect of your customers but also from the end of the business promotions. When you use the number starting with 1300 in the banners, it adds a special value in the mind of the customers. This creates a genuine impact on the viewers, and they try to be attached to the business. So, either your business is to find a growth with new tie-ups, or is going to get a better number of customers. 
Least Investment, Huge Results 
There is one thing more apart from those stated above when you buy a cheap 1300 number. You might have a feel that the cost of getting the number is huge, but you are wrong there. You are going to avail the numbers at a low cost of 14 dollars every month, or it might be available at 9.85 dollars even. So, this is one of the cheapest solutions to promote your business. Apply the same and get an edge over your competitors. It is good to follow the competitors, but stay tuned to keep yourself one step ahead of them. This number is going to do the same for you. Read more: National Telephone Exchanges Database

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How To Do SEO Check For Websites

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016

Whenever we research using a keyword through a search engine we retrieve a list of relevant websites to provide us with the required information. Search engines are the information retrieving system that displays the best, most relevant and apex quality web pages that will meet the needs of the keen searchers.

Now to get your website ranking, let’s say if you live in Brisbane – Australia you need to perform what’s called website SEO brisbane to make sure your business or website shows up for the searches in Google.

When the web pages are displayed we find a sequence of pages containing numerous websites of which the website on the first page of search engine are the highest ranking websites with more relevant information and more traffic of searchers.

While designing a webpage it is always kept in mind that the webpage should possess a huge number of targeted visitors. For this purpose we need to optimize the website.

We all are well aware of the term SEO in this modern technological era. It is the abbreviation of search engine optimization.

It is a technical, analytical and creative methodology to improve the appearance of a website in search engine. It ensures the chances of a site getting found by the search engine whenever a research using the target keyword is performed.

The purpose of SEO is not only to optimize a webpage but also make it an apex quality webpage capable to attract links naturally and make it gain apex position in the search engine ranking.

Making a website achieve high ranking in search engine involves a sequence of integrated efforts. Before performing SEO we should have an idea of what is to be done and what is not to be done to perform a better SEO. You can find a free SEO toolkit which Microsoft provides free of charge to help improve your website optimisation.

For instance if we search for software companies in India we can search it using many possible keywords like good software companies in India, best software companies, reliable software companies in India or software companies in India. Therefore a website containing these target keyword with more relevance will be displayed on the first page of the search engine.

Therefore we observe that the first and foremost step toward SEO is to undergo keyword research which will assist us in using the proper target keyword in our content, URL, domain name etc. so as to receive high ranking in search engine.


Keyword research involves searching good keyword possessing more traffic in search engine, having more competition among websites or having possibilities of getting traffic.

One should try to use a long tail keyword so that the webpage can be retrieved using a short tailed keyword too.

Now let’s discuss the methodologies to get the best target keyword.

1. go to

2. Create an account.

3. Go to tools (it’s free of cost)

4. Select keyword planner

5. Type the target keyword.

Eg. Software companies in India

6. Select the location (for which location the target keyword is required)

7. The tool will provide with some keyword ideas (around 800 ideas) along with their average monthly searches.

Opt for a long tail keyword possessing 400-500 searches every month because it can be retrieved while searching through short tail keyword too. Next step towards is on page SEO.

II. On Page SEO

The process of making changes to the webpage after optimizing the keyword is termed as on page SEO. Find the keyword in the keyword planner then use that target keyword in the webpage, URL, h1 tag and h2 tag. As we know in a web page h1 tag can be used only once but h2 tag can be used as many times. Also use the keyword in the title of the web page.

The web page should contain more than 300 words or else the content will be considered as thin content which is not at all good for website Search engine ranking. Keyword should be used in first paragraph, highlighted, bold italicised, underlined. The same keyword should be used in the image alt tag but we should keep it in mind that all the images should not contain the same keyword as it may lead to over optimization.  Another important point is canonical URL which is used to prevent self duplicacy. For. Instance someone may use www. others may use or forget the / (slash). Through canonical URL one can specify which webpage is to be retrieved.

In Meta description and Meta title keyword is must. The Meta description abridges the content on webpage as this too will show up in search engine results together with the title tag. Though it won’t benefit to achieve higher rank, but a well-written Meta description can have a big impact on whether users decide to click through or not so it should be written to sell.

Things to be kept in mind while writing Meta description:

  • create a different one for each page
  • It includes your keyword
  • It’s between 100 and 150 characters, including spaces
  • It includes a call-to-action that entices people to click.

In a content of 500 words the keyword density should be 2-3%. Beyond this limit over optimization will take place leading to website penalizing and finally leading to the chances of drop in the website ranking.

For better results of SEO one can also interlink their own webpages to their websites.


This is another important integrated effort for SEO. Putting your website on another website can increase the traffic of visitors to your website. One can displays the links of their websites in blogs or social media to increase the traffic. One can ask the bloggers to display their website link on their blogs.

The blogger should be related to your website. If your website deals with technology or software then the blogger must also be of same field.

You can also opt for infographics which includes tutorial videos or articles of your website and allow it to other websites your tutorial video and give the link credits to your website then this will be a solid step towards link building. Social media promotion is also not at all a bad idea. But you need to follow their guidelines. Facebook is the best media to interact with the mass and make you website receive a lump of visitors. Getting more number of likes affects the ranking in search engine. You can also write some news type articles related to your website and publish it on press release sites with website links and information about the website.

These methodologies will increase the traffic of visitors to your website which is quite profitable to your website for getting higher ranking on search engine. But we should ty to avoid following situations:


Disrupting content that benefits the website rather than helping the user is a reason for a Low rating. The SC is distracting or unhelpful for the purpose of the page. Video is a great use of getting people to stay on your site here are some video tips for SEO that can help you create better website content.


Irrelevant advertisements on the websites may lower your ranking. The advertisement you select to display on you webpage should be relevant. For eg. If your websites deals with technology or software then it can contain some advertisements related to software companies or technology.


 Website undergoing inadequate updates and inadequate maintenance for its purpose, ranks lower in the search engine.


Credible negative reputation is a reason for a Low rating, especially website. The website has a negative reputation.

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